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mETals and ceramics Conservation and restoration sERVICES for archaeology

Headed by Dr. Alexander Iermolin

Ancient Solutions offer metals and ceramics conservation and restoration services for archaeological expeditions, national parks, museums and private collectors. 

Dr. Alexander Iermolin is among the known ancient artifacts conservators in Israel with over 30 years of experience in the country and abroad.
As the former Head of the Laboratory of Conservation at the Zinman Institute of
Archaeology, University of Haifa, Dr. Iermolin worked with various archaeological
expeditions and museums in Israel and abroad.

Conservation and restoration of ancient metal artifacts, whether coming straight from 
an archaeological excavation, or from storages of museums and private collections,
is among the most delicate and specialized fields in laboratory conservation in archaeology.
r. Iermolin was in charge of a few of the most unique metal finds of the Classical period
in Israel, implementing innovative procedures.

Coins are a significant sub-category of metal conservation, being one of the most frequently found metals with importance for dating, hence the necessity for their fast cleaning and stabilization.


Ceramic materials conservation ranges from the common pottery restoration to vessel completion and coloring for documentation, research and exhibition purposes. It includes various non-pottery materials such as figurines, ceramic building materials, ovens, etc.

Dr. Iermolin is a museum conservator authorized by the Israeli National Treasures Department, and a metal conservator authorized by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Professionalism and confidentiality are ours fundamental bases. 

Conservation reports are issued in English, Hebrew, or Russian.

Dr. Yermolin at moment of finding the Mask of Pan

All metal artifacts including copper alloys, silver, gold, lead, zinc and iron. Our specialization includes dealing with ferocious irons whether originated in land or marine excavations.

Artifacts such as: the bronze mask of Pan, Roman period iron weaponry, weights, Early Bronze age weaponry, nails, etc.

All coins are treated individually. Most are treated mechanically while others chemically as well. Each coin receives full chemical stabilization process and protective covering. 

Pottery restoration including the completion of vessels and coloring when needed. Restoration of complex finds for further research or exhibition in the lab or field such as ovens, pithoi, ceramic materials and various installations.

Drawing and photography are available on demand. 

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